About Me
My passion for counselling has been a constant throughout my adult life.
Helping people to lift the negative effect of limiting beliefs or behaviour is immensely satisfying and has a positive ripple effect on their loved ones.
I do not judge, I work with people to increase their ability to live a balanced and rewarding life.
Each person's path through life will present unique challenges and sometimes setbacks - as I know from my own experience. I can help provide you with the mental tools and  support to pass through the obstacles and allow you to move toward your goals, believe in yourself and live the fulfilled life you deserve.
With 20 years experience of working in diverse areas of psychological health, I am in the privileged position of having helped many people to work through problems and improve their quality of life through insight, understanding and compassion.


I treat people with respect and compassion.
Confidentiality is very important to me, your thoughts and feelings will be held safely.
I feel a relationship built on trust and following the needs of each individual. can be beneficial in itself.
Some people need to be heard and acknowledged to help them move out of a repeating cycle. I can also help you create YOUR plan of action, not what someone else has in mind for you.
I provide short term and long term counselling, and you can have a single session if that suits your needs.

I work with people with all types of emotional suffering and distress. 
I have worked with people with anxiety, depression, alcohol problems, loss, bereavement, and chronic pain. 
I have also worked with people who have suffered serious trauma.
I use a range of approaches and  methods. providing the essential conditions for raising self esteem and facilitating lasting change.
I have special interest and experience in helping people with serious skin conditions, (eczema, acne, and psoriasis), alcohol problems, and other debilitating or chronic health issues.
i have experience in telephone and face to face work.

I follow the ethical guidelines of The NCP
If you need someone to listen to your problems and help you to find coping strategies, explore reoccuring issues, and develop your well being, call me.

07479 485388.
My private practise is based at St Johns Lane, Halifax.